The Board believes that the purpose of family life and sex education is to help students acquire factual knowledge, attitudes, and values that will result in behavior that contributes to the well-being of the individual, the family, and society.

Helping students attain a mature and responsible attitude toward human sexuality is a continuous task of every generation. Parents have the prime responsibility to assist their children in developing moral values. The schools should support and supplement parents’ efforts in these areas by offering students factual information and opportunities to discuss concerns, issues, and attitudes inherent in family life and sexual behavior, including traditional moral values.

In addition to the requirements listed below, the customary policies and regulations concerning the approval of new curriculum content, units, and materials will apply to any course(s) dealing with family life and sex education offered by the district:

  1. Instructional materials to be used in family life and sex education will be available for review by the parent or guardian during school hours.

  2. If, after review of materials used and a conference with the instructor and principal, a parent requests that his child not participate in a given aspect of the course, an alternate educational assignment will be arranged for the student with the approval of the principal.

  3. Teachers who provide instruction in family life and sex education will have professional preparation in the subject area, either through pre-service or in-service education.