The Board will provide, as appropriate, homebound instruction for students who are expected to be out of school for an extended period of time due to illness or injury, upon the request of the parents and with the approval of the family physician.

In each case, the physician must certify that the student will be unable to attend school for the length of time specified and that he is capable of receiving home instruction.

Upon the recommendation of the building principal to the Superintendent, either a homebound instructor will be employed, or a classroom teacher will provide instruction after regular school hours with compensation set by the Board. Courses and methods of instruction will be consistent with those provided in the regular school setting.

Home instruction will be given only on those days when school is in session. The Superintendent will approve each application before home instruction can commence.

Home instruction will be terminated when the student is capable of returning to school, based on recommendations of the student’s parents, the family physician, and the homebound instructor.