The Board will conduct summer sessions as a supplement to the instruction offered during the school year, when funding for such programs is available and the need is established.

In general, no tuition is charged students who: are residents of the district; whose need for a summer program has been identified by teachers; and who have been recommended for enrollment in the program to the Superintendent by the appropriate building principal.

Special activities or programs for which a fee is to be charged may be conducted only with the approval of the Board and in compliance with state law.

The summer program will be designed to include enrichment, remedial, and recreational experiences–such as playground crafts–keyboarding, music, and high school subjects, as needed.

Summer school will be under the direction of a summer school principal appointed by the Board. Teachers for summer sessions will be recruited from the district staff insofar as possible. The Board will set summer salaries and make appointments upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.