Student organizations have an important place in the educational program of our schools. When properly organized and operated they will:

1. Extend and reinforce the instructional program.

2. Give students practice in democratic self-government.

3. Build student moral and spirit of positive support for the school.

4. Honor outstanding student achievement.

5. Provide wholesome social and recreational activities.


In recognition of the potential educational value of student organizations, the Board authorizes the establishment of such according to the following guidelines:

1. The organization or club must have a regularly employed school staff member as an advisor.

2. The organization must have a direct relationship to or be an extension of some school class, area, or department.

3. The objectives of the organization must respond to an educational need of students in the public schools.

4. There must be enough student interest to warrant the formation or continuance of the organization.

5. The future status of an existing or proposed organization must be recommended by the school principal to the Superintendent and then by the Superintendent to the Board.

The Board will approve the formation or dissolution of all student organizations according to the above guidelines.