Money drives will not be encouraged unless there is justification for purpose and the need is adequate.

Justified fund-raising will be permitted for school classes or groups of students, under the sponsorship of a faculty member, provided they are approved by the Superintendent or designee and that benefits derived therefrom will be made available to all members of the class or group.

Students wishing to conduct a lottery or hold a bingo event must receive approval by the Superintendent, or the Superintendent’s designee, prior to holding the event.  The requirements in Policy KI, Public Solicitations and Advertising in the Schools, for conducting a lottery or holding a bingo game, are applicable to lotteries and bingo events sponsored by students.  Students and their activity sponsor must receive approval from the governing body or designated administrative official of the county or municipality in which it intends to conduct the bingo game or lottery before conducting the activity.  If lottery chances are sold state-wide, written notice of the lottery must be given to the S.D. Secretary of State before conducting the lottery or holding a bingo event.

Solicitation of donations of any kind from students is prohibited without prior approval from the Principal.

The faculty member responsible for supervising the student fund raising activity shall give all money raised from the activity to the Business Manager

A categorical, itemized accounting of money raised in connection with the student fund-raising activities will be filed by the Business Manager with the District financial records.