The school board is committed to providing all students with safe learning environment. In recognition of the risks that concussions pose to our student athletes, the school district will provide appropriate concussion awareness education and prevention programs.


The district will use guidelines developed by the South Dakota High School Activities Association and South Dakota Department of Education to educate coaches, student athletes, and parents of the nature and risks of concussions. On an annual basis, the district will distribute a concussion information sheet to all parents or legal guardians of student athletes.

No student may practice or compete in any school-sanctioned athletic activity until the parent or guardian and student return to the district a signed acknowledgement that indicates they have reviewed and understand material presented in the concussion information sheet.


Each year, every athletic coach, including volunteer coaches, shall complete a training program to provide continuing education on the risks and management of concussions. No coach shall be allowed to participate in any way in the district’s athletic program until the individual provides to the district verification that he or she has completed the required training.


An athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury during a practice or competition shall be removed from participation at that time. Any athlete who has been removed from participation during a practice or competition based on a suspected concussion may not participate in practice or competition until the athlete no longer exhibits signs, symptoms, or behavior consistent with a concussion and has received written clearance from a licensed health care provider.

For the purposes of this policy, a licensed health care provider is:

1. Registered, certified, licensed, or other wised recognized in law by the State of South Dakota to provide medical treatment; and

2. Trained and experienced in the evaluation, management, and care of concussions.