The school district will grant permission for alternative instruction students to participate in interscholastic contests.

As a condition of participation, the alternative instruction student must annually fulfill the following conditions:

1. Demonstrate compliance with Chapter I, Part IV: Student Eligibility and Chapter II, Part I: Further Eligibility Requirements for Athletic Contests of the SDHSAA By Laws (as applicable) by submitting the SDHSAA Eligibility Checklist for Alternative Instruction Students.

2. Provide documentation on the Application for Public School Exemption Certificate Request and nationally standardized achievement tests in grades tested under the state testing program.

3. Comply with all the District’s eligibility requirements with the exception of attendance requirements. Scholastic/academic eligibility shall be verified per the District’s administrative policy following the same procedure used to accept credits towards graduation when an alternative instruction student requests a transfer to the district.

4. Any student, who was unable to maintain academic eligibility in an accredited school, shall be ineligible to participate as an alternative instruction student for a period of one year. After one year, the student may regain eligibility per the District’s administrative policy.

5. Satisfy the responsibilities and standards of behavior and performance, including related class or practice requirements, as expected of other student participants as a condition for both the initial acceptance and continued membership in the activity including, but not limited to:

(a) All the District training rules and codes of conduct will be applicable.

(b) In order to be eligible to audition for and participate in Region Music Contests, All-State Chorus, All-State Orchestra or All-State Band, the student must be currently enrolled and attending the District’s parallel musical organization (if one exists) i.e. vocal music, instrumental music, orchestra.

(c) A student who is a member of a high school team may not participate in games, practice, tryouts, etc. in that particular sport during the same season on an independent or non-high school team, or as a member of any “All- Star” team, or completely unattached on an individual basis.

(d) All references to calendar shall refer to the District’s calendar.

6. A student who leaves an accredited school for any reason to enter an alternative instruction program, shall be ineligible for interscholastic competition for a period of one year, beginning on the date the student enters the alternative instruction program.