The School District will check out District owned equipment, such as laptop computers, to staff and students. Equipment will be used to fulfill requirements of school programs. To ensure laptops are used to their fullest benefit and in an appropriate capacity, the Superintendent, or a designee, will develop a Laptop Use Agreement.

The Laptop Use Agreement will:

1. State the length of time that computers are to be checked out;

2. Provide an avenue for staff, students and parents to acknowledge responsibility for the care and use of District property;

3. Set forth guidelines for appropriate laptop use, including considerations that inform users how to properly care for laptops;

4. Inform staff, student and parents of the consequences of violating the Laptop Use Agreement, which could include restricted laptop privileges; and

5. State that abuse, damage, negligence, or loss of this equipment will result in an assessment of cost to the staff member or to parents of students checking out the equipment.

A Laptop Use Agreement must be filed prior to laptop check out. Students must have a parent or guardian sign the Laptop Use Agreement.

The Superintendent is responsible for establishing and maintaining a system to inventory laptops and to maintain a record of signed Laptop Use Agreements.