Helping each child develop to his full potential and become a contributive citizen to this community are important objectives of this district’s educational program.

Toward these ends, the Board will encourage administrative and instructional personnel to rely on the community as one available educational tool. The administration will direct the development of a community instructional resources program designed to involve the citizens, the institutions, and the environment of our community in the education of its children.

The Superintendent will have supervisory control over the community resources program, which will include the school volunteer service. Members of the staff and of the community will be encouraged to offer their ideas and services through the channels developed by the administration. Community resource files will be developed, noting contacts for voluntary assistance, program contribution, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of each contribution.

From time to time, each school principal may be asked to provide the Superintendent with a summary of the extent and effect of using such volunteers. At least annually the Superintendent will report to the Board on the involvement and effectiveness of the community in the resource program.