The administration and teaching staff must strive to create plans of instruction and instructional organization that will permit students to progress through school according to their needs and abilities.

Students will normally progress annually from grade to grade. However, exceptions to this general policy may be made when it becomes evident that a student should proceed more slowly.

Retention will not be used until other possibilities have been exhausted, including special help, remedial work, and summer school opportunity.

In all cases of retention, parents must be informed of such possibility well in advance (usually by the third reporting period) and a conference with them sought. In all instances, the advice and help of the guidance and other special school personnel will be used by teachers.

Although teachers may recommend retention, all retentions (as well as promotions) will be assigned by the school principals. Teachers, in recommending retentions and principals in assigning them, will give the reasons why they feel the student should repeat. The school system shall have final authority in the promotion or retention of a student in grades 1-12.

The principal will take particular care in assigning more than one retention during a child’s elementary school life. The Superintendent must approve a second retention assigned any student.