The Board desires that its standards for graduation meets or exceeds the minimum standards of the South Dakota Department of Education.

All students in grades 9 through 12 must have a Personal Learning Plan. The Personal Learning Plan must document a minimum of 24 units of credit for graduation.


The following courses will be required for graduation:

1. English/Language Arts 4 credits or more

(a) 1.5 credits of Writing

(b) 1.5 credits of Literature that must include .5 credit of American Literature

(c) .5 credit of Speech or Debate; and

(d) .5 credit of a Language Arts elective

2. Mathematics 3 credits or more

(a) 1 credit of Algebra I

(b) 1 credit of Algebra II *

(c) 1 credit of Geometry *

3. Laboratory science 3 credits or more

(a) 1 credit of Biology

(b) 1 credit Lab Science

(c) 1 credit of Chemistry and/or Physics *

4. Social Studies 3 credits or more

(a) 1 credit of U.S. History

(b) 1 credit of U.S. Government

(c) .5 credit of World History

(d) .5 credit of Geography

5. Effective September 1, 2013 1 credit or more

(any combination of the following):

(a) Approved Career & Technical Education courses

(b) World Languages

(c) A Capstone Experience or Service Learning

6. Fine Arts - 1 credit or more