Testing of students can provide a meaningful source of information about student achievement, the curriculum, and instruction.  The Board, therefore, authorizes testing to help accomplish the following objectives: 

1.  To evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the current curriculum and instruction to identify areas needing change.

2.  To compare achievement of district students with themselves and with students nationally as one means to evaluate student growth.

3.  To provide a degree of diagnostic instructional information to teachers about the group(s) of students they work with.

4.  To provide one basis for longitudinal study of student achievement.

Information gained through the use of tests will be used to design educational opportunities for students to better meet their individual and collective needs.

The Board recognizes that all tests provide only a limited source of information about an individual student.  Information drawn from tests will therefore be used only in conjunction with all other information known about a student in advising the student or assisting the student in improving his work.

The District shall not collect information that is not necessary for the determination of student academic progress, state and federal reporting requirements, other duties prescribed to the District, or for the calculation of funding for public education.