All children entering kindergarten for the first time must be five (5) years of age on or before September 1.

When a child has been enrolled in kindergarten prior to moving to the district and does not meet South Dakota entrance age requirements, a conference involving the building principal, the teacher, and the parent will be held. The parent will be informed that the child will be placed in kindergarten on a trial basis until such time as the principal and teacher can determine whether the welfare of the child can best be served by retaining him or her in school or by withholding admission until the following school year. In most cases, the trial period will not exceed two or three weeks.


All children entering first grade must be six (6) years of age before September 1. A parent may request a waiver of compulsory attendance requirement under the age of seven years of age. First grade transfer students who do not meet state age requirements will be handled in the same manner as the kindergarten students. A student not yet prepared for first grade may be placed in kindergarten.

Proof of birth date will be required, by submitting a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate or affidavit. The school will make a copy of the original and place it in the school files.