Student withdrawal from school may be classified into two categories: Those who transfer to another school system, either public or private, and those who withdraw from permanent attendance at any school (dropouts).

If a student wishes to withdraw from school to transfer to another school district he or she should see the principal who will instruct him as to procedure. When transferring to another school, a student should make arrangements with the office to forward credits to the proper school. All outstanding obligations to the school the student is currently enrolled in must be satisfied before credits can be transferred.

The Board is very concerned about those students who may permanently withdraw from school. The Board believes a high school diploma signifies the minimum preparation for life. Consequently, students who withdraw from school may have less than a minimum preparation. Therefore, the Board strongly urges every teacher, guidance counselor, principal, parent, guardian and citizen to exert all influence to keep all students in school through high school graduation.

The instructional staff should be alert to potential dropouts and do everything possible to give the necessary guidance to such students. The regular school program should be organized and modified to suit the student’s needs and aspirations. Conferences with parents may be necessary. All students should be asked to notify the principal before withdrawing. The school should keep in contact with students who have withdrawn.

Students who are 18 years of age, and who have parent or guardian written approval to withdraw, may withdraw from school. Each student will be informed of his or her right to be readmitted to school upon request.

Students seeking re-admittance to the district schools will be permitted to re-enroll at the beginning of established semesters, and will be required to provide notification of their intent to re-enroll one week prior to the start of a semester.