Buses are provided for those students whose distance from school or health make this service essential. Misconduct on buses will not be tolerated and will result in forfeiture of the privileges of riding.

Students are expected to discipline themselves and comply with the instructions of the bus operator. The driver will be in full charge of the bus and the passengers. There must be no disturbance of any kind that might distract the driver and imperil the safety of the passengers.

Students will observe the following rules of conduct while riding school buses.

1. Students should always be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to be there. Students should remain well back from the roadway while awaiting the arrival of the bus.

2. Bus riders should not move to board a bus until it is completely stopped and the door is open.

3. Students will enter the bus in an orderly fashion and go directly to a seat. Students must stay in their seats and in a sitting position when the bus is in motion.

4. Bus riders should leave their seats only after the bus has come to a complete stop at their bus stop.

5. Bus riders who must cross a street at their bus stop will cross in front of the bus.

6. Students will keep their hands, arms and heads inside the bus.

7. Shouting, screaming, smoking, running, fighting, vulgar talk and pushing are not permitted.

8. All articles such as athletic equipment, books, musical instruments, etc., must be kept out of the aisles.

9. No drinking or eating is permitted on the bus.

10. All riders should help to keep the bus clean and sanitary on the inside.

11. Any damage to the bus will be paid for by the rider inflicting the damage and will be subject to suspension or expulsion from school.

12. Bus riders are expected to be courteous and obedient to bus drivers at all times.

Parents and students will be informed of these regulations at the beginning of each school year, and parents will be asked to return signed forms indicating that the regulations have been received and read.