The Board recognizes that there may be conditions in the school district that are in need of improvement and that students should have some means by which their concerns may be effectively expressed, considered, and dealt with fairly. Such means, if well conceived and understood in advance, can do much to maintain harmonious relationships between the schools and the students and community.

The Board desires student complaints and grievances to be resolved through orderly processes and at the lowest possible level, but that channels be provided for eventual hearing by the Board in instances when this becomes necessary. Therefore:

1. Any student or his or her parent or guardian will be provided the opportunity to discuss with the student’s teacher a decision or situation which the student, parent, or guardian considers unjust or unfair.

2. If the incident remains unresolved, the student or his or her parent or guardian or the teacher, may bring the matter to the principal’s attention for consideration and action.

3. The student may also bring a matter of general student concern to the attention of class officers or the student council (in grades and schools where such are elected) for possible presentation to the principal.

4. If the matter is still unresolved after the procedure outlined above, it may be brought to the Superintendent for consideration.

5. Complaints that remain unresolved following any action of the Superintendent may be referred in writing to the Board for review.

The Board’s decision will be final unless an appeal hearing is requested.