The Board is committed to promoting healthy human relationships and learning environments that are physically and psychologically safe for all members of the school community. It further believes that students are the first priority and they should be protected from physical or emotional harm. A crisis impacts all members of a school community. The District believes that the school should provide support of the school community while ensuring accurate and sensitive communication.

The District may develop a reporting mechanism and may designate at least one person to act as a liaison officer in the District for the purposes of identifying students in need of early mental health intervention or suicide prevention

When the Administration receives a report about a student, it shall determine if the student’s parent or guardian should be notified. If so notified, the administration will also provide information about available counseling options.

District policy and procedures are not intended to interfere with the rights of parents or guardians and the decision-making regarding the best interest of the child. District policy and procedures are intended to notify a parent or guardian of a need for mental health intervention so that a parent or guardian may take appropriate action. School districts do not have the authority to prescribe medications. Any and all medical decisions are to be made by a parent or guardian of a student.