It is a responsibility of the Board to assure that the children of the district are provided with free public education. Therefore, no fee or charges may be required as a condition of school year attendance, credit in a required course, or for materials or activities that are part of a course requirement. Neither may a fixed activity fee be required of all students, nor class dues exacted. Students will be responsible for the cost of replacing any school district materials or property that is lost or damaged through the student’s negligence.

Certain fees and charges, however, may be established under the following conditions:

1. When established to pay for optional activities that are not part of the regular school program, nor essential to success in a course.

2. When established to pay for materials that are optional for use in a course, and when grades or credit are not dependent on their use.

3. When established to pay for materials that will result in shop products, clothing, or other items that the student will take home for personal use.

Certain other items or equipment required of students for personal use may be purchased by the school system and rented to the student. When these are no longer needed by the student, they may be returned to the school, with a refund of the rental fee, dependent upon their condition.

The Board will annually review a list of fees and charges proposed at the various school levels. In making recommendations, school administrators will consider the cost of the time and bookkeeping involved in collecting fees and rental charges for minor items.