The Board believes that responsible management of the school district requires current laws, standards, attitudes, and philosophies of education be presented to the community on a continuing basis. The Board also recognizes that as elected representatives of the people it must consider the needs and desires of the community in establishing educational policy. In order to meet both of these aims, it is essential that effective two-way communication be maintained with the community.

The basis for an effective community relations program is to be found in the following statements of Board attitudes:

  1. The community will be encouraged to participate and actively assist in the future planning of the school district.

  2. All avenues of communication available will be used.

  3. Special attention will be given to effective internal communication among the Board, administration, the staff, and students, to assure the full understanding of existing programs and to elicit reports and recommendations on those in effect, as well as those which should be considered.

The Board is devoted to the development and maintenance of a comprehensive year-round community relations program to assure a full appreciation of the educational program and the problems of the district, and to provide for the broadest participation of all—Board, staff and community—in seeking the solution to problems and in promoting the continuing improvement of the education available to the residents of the community.