The purpose of school-community relations is to establish and maintain a program that informs the public of and involves them in the goals and services of the district’s public schools.

The Board shall provide parents or guardians and other district residents opportunities for information and orientation regarding local school procedures, and will utilize, insofar as practical, all appropriate means and media to achieve the following objectives:

1. To explain the programs, achievements and needs of the schools to:

a) parents;

b) township officials and other community leaders;

c) local business and industry;

d) community organizations;

e) special interest groups;

f) the community as a whole;

g) State and Federal agencies.

2. To determine:

a) what residents expect from their schools;

b) what residents think about the accomplishments of their schools;

c) what residents would like to know about their schools that they don’t now know;

d) which particular areas of the school program, policies, or operations need further clarification or explanation.

3. To keep staff members fully informed of:

a) district policies and procedures;

b) system-wide activities;

c) their own responsibilities;

d) their rights within district policy and under school law;

e) practices and procedures to follow at parent meetings or conferences to establish cordial relationships and trust on the part of their pupils and parents.

4. To operate, insofar as required, in public session, as speedily and efficiently as circumstances permit, and with public participation.

5. To recognize pupils:

a) as a “public” entitled to both be heard and to be provided with reasons for policies and practices which relate to them;

b) as “ambassadors” from the school system to the community, whose attitudes will affect community opinion of the schools.

6. To inform teaching staff personnel that community opinion depends upon the daily life of the school, and that they should seek the following objectives as opportunity permits in their respective fields of services:

a) acquaint citizens with the work of the schools;

b) give courteous and thoughtful consideration to all inquiries and suggestions and carefully investigate all complaints;

c) make parents feel welcome in the school office and in the classroom;

d) cooperate with the parent and other community groups;

e) maintain pupil relations so as to enlist the cooperation of the home;

f) observe inter-staff relations conducive to high morale that merits the respect of pupils and citizens.