The Superintendent or designee will coordinate all activities relating to the publication of information concerning the schools or the appearance of news releases relating to school personnel or activities.

In addition to the use of the official newspaper as required by state law for specific announcements, the public schools will use all media available, both public and private, and the school media to keep the public informed as fully as possible on school matters.

The Board welcomes the active participation of newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and other mass communication media in promoting the cause of good education in our district and state.

Suggestions and advice from representatives of such media as to how best to facilitate the flow of information to them by the Board and personnel of the school district will be welcomed.

Newscasts, spot announcements, sports and media coverage of other school activities and programs must be presented in the public interest. Identification of the schools with the promotion of any commercial or political enterprise will not be permitted.