The Board will allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages on school property, when school facilities are used for (1) receptions or dances for weddings and anniversaries; (2) a community wide benefit function; or (3) use by a non-profit organization. Such use must be in compliance with district policies on the community use of school facilities and on public conduct on school property, and only on the conditions stated below.

In its application to use school facilities, the organization shall clearly indicate its intent to have alcoholic beverages at its proposed activity. The Board shall approve or disapprove each use of alcoholic beverages on a case-by-case basis at a regularly scheduled board meeting. The board’s decision on the use of alcoholic beverages will not otherwise jeopardize the applicants’ use of school facilities.

The applicant shall state on its application the reason for requesting the use of alcoholic beverages and the anticipated benefit from having alcoholic beverages at its activity.

If approved, the consumption of alcoholic beverages on school property shall be governed by the following conditions:

  1. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed or blended but not sold on school property.

  2. The permit period shall not exceed twenty-four hours, and hours of authorized consumption shall not exceed those permitted for on-sale licensed facilities.

  3. The activity at which the consumption of alcoholic beverages is to occur cannot be held at the same time as any school or school-related activity or in conjunction with any such activity.

  4. The sponsoring organization shall show evidence of liability protection for the consumption of alcoholic beverages by all individuals at the proposed activity.

  5. The sponsoring organization must have the necessary municipal, county and state permits.