No person will sell or offer for sale within school buildings or on school property any articles or services, or solicit contributions, except those approved by the Superintendent, Superintendents designee, or the Board. This policy does not prohibit any school fund-raising activity authorized by the Board and the school administration.

Salespeople are prohibited from talking to teachers at any time during the school day. Salespeople representing educational companies may be granted this opportunity by making arrangements through the principal’s office, at a time that will not interfere with the classroom work of the teacher.

The school directory or lists of pupils and staff will not be made available to any outside person or agency.

Bingo and Lotteries

Persons and entities wishing to conduct a lottery or hold a bingo event on school premises must receive approval by the Superintendent, or the Superintendent’s designee, prior to holding the event. Pursuant to and consistent with state law:

  1. The bingo game or lottery must be conducted by a bona fide congressionally chartered veterans’ organization; a religious, charitable, educational, or fraternal organization; a local civic or service club; a volunteer fire department; a local industrial development corporation as defined in law;

  2. The proceeds from the bingo or lottery do not financially benefit the individual or entity conducting the lottery or bingo event;

  3. No separate organization or professional person is employed to conduct the bingo game or lottery or assist therein;

  4. No compensation of any kind is paid to any person for services rendered during any bingo session in connection with the conduct of the bingo game or in consideration of any lottery.

  5. No prize in excess of two thousand dollars is awarded at any one play of bingo;

  6. The actual value of any lottery prize is stated before any chances for the lottery are sold. A lottery prize of a stated amount of dollars in value may be given to a person who sells a winning lottery ticket or share as long as the winning lottery ticket or share is selected at random;

  7. The organization, before conducting a bingo game or before selling any chances for a lottery, must give thirty days’ written notice of the time and place to the governing body or designated administrative official of the county or municipality in which it intends to conduct the bingo game or lottery, and the governing body does not pass a resolution objecting to the activity. However, any organization that conducts a lottery and tickets or shares for such lottery are sold state-wide shall provide written notice of such lottery only to the secretary of state and to the governing body where the drawing for such lottery is held.


No notices or advertisements by or in behalf of persons not officially connected with the schools will be distributed in any school building except by permission of the Superintendent or Board. All notices, even by school personnel, will be cleared by the building principal and, in case of doubt, by the Superintendent.

Charity Fund-Raising

The administration may select a special fund or charity project which is considered important. Approval for such a project must be secured from the Superintendent.

This policy should not be construed as preventing a teacher from using instructional or informational materials even though the materials might include reference to a brand, a product, or a service.