The Board and staff of the school district, welcome members of the community, and other interested persons to visit the district schools. School improvements often come from suggestions originating in such visits.

The Superintendent will encourage visitors to observe our schools; provide for appropriate hospitality for visitors; channel expressions of approval as well as constructive criticism to the Board; ensure that such visits will enhance the effect of the educational program.

All visitors must report to the school office and receive the principal’s permission to be on the school grounds. Any person on school property who has not registered with the school office will be requested to report to the principal’s office for permission to remain. Any request to be on school property for any purpose deemed by the school principal or his assistant to be disruptive of the educational process will be denied permission to remain.

If a visitor refuses to leave the school grounds, creates any disturbance, or attempts to disrupt the educational process, the principal is directed to request aid from the local law enforcement agency.