The Board reserves to itself the final responsibility for all instructional materials used and curricula taught in the district schools. The Board recognizes that without a free and vigorous exchange of ideas, learning and teaching cannot take place effectively.

The Board also recognizes that district residents have a right to express concern about the educational programs of their schools. When citizens have concerns about particular courses or instructional materials, these concerns should be stated in writing, carefully considered, and accorded the courtesy of a prompt reply by school personnel. All such replies will be based on the instructional goals of the district, upon course objectives, and upon the criteria for selection of instructional materials.

Staff members will attempt to accommodate serious religious or moral objections to particular instructional materials by providing alternate materials whenever possible. However, attempts by parents or students to control what others read and study will be subject to careful scrutiny and question by school employees and the Board.

Complaints against instructional materials will be considered a most serious matter and will be processed in a very deliberate manner. Therefore, the following procedures are to be followed, step-by-step. Complaints that reach Step 3 will be reported to the Board.

  1. The material in question should first be discussed with the teacher or librarian who will report the results of this meeting to the principal.

If satisfaction is not reached, the complainant may continue with Step 2.

  1. The principal will meet to discuss the material with the complainant and the teacher or librarian. The results of the meeting will be reported to the Superintendent. If satisfaction is not gained, the complainant will be requested to complete the form, “Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials,” before proceeding to Step 3.

  2. The Superintendent will appoint a review committee composed of the following members:

– The building principal.

– The building librarian.

– Two building teachers.

– Three adult citizens.

The committee members will be requested to read or view the material and respond to the complainants’ answers to the questions on the form, “Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials.” The recommendation of the committee will be sent to the complainant by the Superintendent. If the complainant is not satisfied, he may continue with Step 4.

  1. The Superintendent will meet with the complainant to resolve the problem. If an impasse has developed, the matter is to be directed to the Board in Step 5.

  2. The complainant will appear before the Board as the final step in the request for reconsideration of instructional materials.