The Board is aware of the constructive role, which the parent-teacher groups can play in the school system. The effective leadership provided by these organizations is valuable to the improvement of educational programs and community support of the schools. The Board will offer these groups its full cooperation, and urges parents, teachers, and administrators to become enthusiastic participants.

The parent-teacher association (PTA) may be of service to the schools in each area of the district by fostering community undertakings, encouraging social activities, working for needed legislation, discovering and reporting facts which lead to community or school improvements, studying school problems, supporting school projects, and cooperating with other community agencies.

Each school may set up its own form of parent-teacher association. Before official recognition, their organizational plan and rules of operation must be approved by the Board. The association membership may then form its own committees, plan its own programs, study projects, and other activities in line with Board policies. Resolutions of a school’s parent-teacher association will be accepted by the Board for processing and consideration when such resolutions have been adopted by a majority of the members present at an official meeting.