The Board will cooperate and may develop contracts with the state, its agencies and institutions, and any political subdivision for educational purposes and services. These contracts may be developed:

  1. To share the services of employees with other school districts;

  2. To provide for educational services with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, or any other federal department or agency;

  3. To provide for elementary and secondary education for students who reside within the school district of a bordering state;

  4. To provide joint educational services for students who reside within the district with students who reside within a bordering state’s school district;

  5. To provide educational services for grades 7-12 within this district and an adjacent school district. Both districts will operate grades 1-6 in the home district.

Tuition for students taught under contractual educational arrangements will be charged as provided by law. As also provided by law, approval for entrance into these contractual arrangements will be received from the Secretary of Education.