Driver ed classes for the year 2022 will be held from June 6-9, 8am-4pm.
There will be a 1⁄2 hour lunch break per day around 11:30. Students will be allowed to leave the building if they wish; or, they may bring a sack lunch and eat at school.
Students will not be allowed in other parts of the building at any time during class or lunch breaks. There will be a designated restroom for them to use. No wandering around the school and students must pick up their own garbage. Custodians are not there to clean up after us in the summer. If they want to eat their lunch outside the building, I am fine with that.
Because of the long days, students will be allowed to have pop, candy, water, snacks etc. in the classroom. 10 min breaks will be given throughout the day.
Students can have their cell phones on them as long as they are not using them during class time. Only at lunch or breaks.
Dress code will be enforced, however; remember even though it may be hot outside, air conditioning will be used so it may be cooler inside the classroom (Same for car time too).
There will be a written test student’s will have to pass with an 80% or better in order receive credit for driver ed. Students will be encouraged to take notes so please bring a notebook and writing utensils for class.
All of the classroom and driving time are required as well as passing both to receive credit for Driver Ed and for me to sign off so they don’t have to do the written or driving test at the DMV. However, students will still have to go to the DMV and fill out the application and pay the fees in order to get their permit. This cannot be done until the student is 14 yrs old even with driver ed. Also; just a reminder, a student cannot legally drive with their parents on any public road unless they have their instruction permit from the DMV even if they’ve had driver ed.
Driving will be scheduled starting on Monday June 13th going as long as it takes to get everybody done. Each student will sign up for approximately 2 days, 6 hours each day. Students will also get to pick 7am- 1pm, or 1pm-7pm. We will work on this schedule during the classroom time, so the student’s need to know what days and times they are available. Some students may also need to do 3 days if we end up with an odd numbered group.
So an example of a student’s drive time could be: June 13th and 14th; 7am-1pm, or 1pm-7pm. Depending on how many students there are, I hope to be done sometime around July 8th-15th.
The fee for driver ed must be paid for before Thursday the June 9th or I will not be able to sign the sheet for passing the classroom portion and driving will not be scheduled.
Lastly, the pick-up and drop off will be at the school. I will not pick up or drop off at home or anywhere else for driving.
If you have any questions about any of this, or driver ed in general, please contact Mr. Buck.
605-228-7687 personal cell (text msg is fine too, just identify yourself)