Ukrainian Charity Opportunity:  Thursday night at the concert, the Cossack Choir is performing a song called "The Ukrainian Prayer."   It was written just this spring by the famous English composer, John Rutter.  Mr. Rutter has provided this song FREE to anyone who wishes to perform it but has asked that we would donate the amount it would have taken to purchase the song to a Ukrainian Charity.  We have chosen  They have saved over 17,000 Ukrainian children and family members so far from the poverty and danger of the war.  The Choir is asking if anyone feels so moved to donate funds to this charity they can bring their money to Mrs. Holt in the mini-theater through next Friday (or give it to a choir member to pass on).  We are hoping to raise as much as possible for this amazing charity and to show support for the Ukrainian people! 

Everyone is welcome to our concert May 5th at 7 p.m. in the Cossack Center!!